An Insight Into Our April 2021 Charity Workplace Wellbeing Virtual Summit

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The mental and physical wellbeing of fundraisers and charity workers has been tested a lot this past year. The coronavirus pandemic has turned the fundraising sector upside down, and placed added stress on the fundraising efforts of non-profit organisations and fundraisers. With the start of a new financial year, and with lockdown restrictions beginning to […]

All You Need To Know About Virtual Fundraising

As the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic continues, it’s clear that virtual fundraising campaigns are here to stay. Last year, thousands of in-person fundraising events were cancelled due to Covid-19, but the charity sector adapted quickly to virtual fundraising. As a result of this, nonprofit organisations have survived and look set to continue to grow […]

An Insight Into Our March 2021 Fundraising Strategy Virtual Summit

The past year has been difficult for many. The outbreak of coronavirus in March 2020 threw the world upside down. Many industries struggled, including the charity sector, which saw thousands of in-person fundraising events cancelled or rescheduled. Arguably, there has never been a more important time for your fundraising strategy to be perfected. That’s why, […]

A Reflection on Fundraising in 2020

This article by Simon Scriver first appeared in the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand magazine. At one point or another this year I think I’ve questioned everything we do. Being a fundraiser is hard enough as it is. I’ve questioned why we came in to 2020 with higher targets and a lower budget…still reporting to […]

Some Of The Most Important Things In #Fundraising Don’t Feel Like Fundraising

You’d be forgiven for thinking that fundraising is all about asking for money. But a good fundraiser knows that that’s actually only a small part of the job. The real time consuming stuff, and the really important stuff, is the things that happen before and after the asks. In fact, if you get really good […]