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Hassle-free hosting for your next online event, done-for-you online events management that’ll take your stress away…and your delegates breath away!​

If the thought of hosting an online event makes you break out in a sweat…Relax! We’ve got your back.

We provide ‘done-for-you’ online event hosting and management for organisations around the world. 

From a small seminar to a full-scale conference, our tried-and-trusted platform provides scalable, accessible online event hosting. 

And our friendly can-do team will support you through the whole experience, to make sure your online event runs like a dream.

Our Everywhere+ online hosting platform offers

✅Unlimited audience size
✅Breakout rooms and networking

✅Sponsor marketplace

✅Online events of any size
✅Interactive chats, polls and more
✅Live, prerecorded or both
✅Stream and beam around the world
✅Sponsorship and sales opportunities
✅Instant subtitles with 99% accuracy

Here’s how we make it hassle-free

Perfect platform

Tried-and-trusted tech allows unlimited delegates to watch, chat and engage with your event online. Events of any size, beamed anywhere in the world

Before the event

Support from day one, helping you prepare for your event, promote your programme, coach your speakers, sell tickets…It is the full package.

On the day

On hand on the day to run the videos, manage the chat room, feed questions to speakers… You can just sit back and relax.

After the event

Delegates can access recordings through our site. And you’ll have a library of recordings to repurpose and use again online.

Our Everywhere+ online hosting platform

Worried about hosting your next online event? We’ve taken away the pain and strain of online events for hundreds of organisers like you. Sleep a little easier tonight… Get it touch for a friendly chat with Nikki or Simon. We’ll walk you through what’s on offer and see if it meets your needs.

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