Arts Summit 2021


It’s 2021 and ‘normal service’ has not resumed. 

We are still living through a pandemic that is disrupting all aspects of our personal and professional lives. At the same time, disruptive technology is helping us to respond, pivot, and develop new ways of connecting with each other. The rise of activism in the face of social injustice is disrupting the systems and cultures in which we work.

So where do we go from here?

It’s time for us to have some big conversations. To ask big questions. To put some old ideas to bed, and create new ways going forward. It’s time to disrupt our perceptions and preconceptions of what works, what doesn’t work and build the resilience and sustainability we need to produce and protect a bigger and broader range of cultures and heritages.

Let’s disrupt our thinking.

This year at #ArtsSummit we’re bringing you the brightest and boldest minds from across the world. Cultural leaders, fundraisers, experts, funders, and artists will push, test, and challenge your thinking and practice. Expect an afternoon of big ideas, essential provocations, and practical advice. 

The summit will stream live worldwide on December 9th 2021. With two live rooms to choose from and move between, you’ll also get bonus download sessions, resources, and access to all the content for a further 30 days – so you won’t miss a thing no matter where you are in the world. 


What attendees said about last year’s #ArtsSummit

“Such a fabulous day at the #ArtsSummit – so many amazing sessions, hours & hours of great discussion and inspiring speakers from all over the world.” – Kitty 

“Attending something like #ArtsSummit what can I say? Seeing such creative fundraisers coming up with exciting, joyful ways to get through this, more than that, take it to the next level. Gives us heart, confidence and the will to keep going.” – Beth

“Apart from all the hard-edged learning, what I’m loving about #ArtsSummit is that it rekindles my sense of being a part of a global fellowship of folk trying to make things better” – Derek

Don’t miss your chance to disrupt

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Our Hybrid Future Kate Larsen
The definitions of ‘digital’ and ‘hybrid’ are changing every day, but neither are merely online versions of our offline operations. Getting them right isn’t as simple as copy-and-pasting our meetings, work or delivery platforms online, nor about doing the same old things in different ways.

This session will share the key themes and learnings of ‘Our Hybrid Future’, a new resource exploring the theory and practice of making art work onsite and online.

It will include insights about the best and worst of digital and hybrid working, and outline the importance of maintaining digital practices and programs that draw from the best of the sector’s recent experience to create a more flexible and accessible future for us all.


Naming and Claiming Your Money Story Rodney Lopez
Whether we believe we have a lot or a little, we all have a personal narrative about money. In particular, arts professionals can sometimes carry financial stress in an economy that undervalues artist contributions and expects us to “do it for the love.” How do we reconcile the tensions between our calling and livelihoods? How can we feel empowered when requesting financial support for our work? In this session, Rodney Eric López will share the lessons he’s learned – as an artist, arts educator, nonprofit executive, and generosity advisor – to help you name and claim your money story and hopefully find some fresh perspectives in your life and work.


Local Perspectives on Global Disruption Amany Abouzeid
This session will explore how “disruption” is perceived and experienced in different regions. The Middle East has been in continual disruption since what has been ironically referred to as “The Arab Spring”. How did the region experience the disruption of COVID-19. How did affect the Arts and Culture scene will be the focus of the session.


Money myths…raising $ for arts disruption Bernard Ross
In this session Bernard Ross doesn’t just think out of the box- he stamps on the dammed box, tears it up, and then shreds it – ready for radical recycling. In the process he explores popular myths that are holding back arts, culture and heritage organisations raising the cash they need to change the world.


Arts and the Metaverse – engaging crypto-philanthropists Usha Menon
This session is designed to help leaders in the Arts sector to recognise the disruptions in the philanthropy space, through blockchain technology, NTFs and crypto-currencies. We have seen the growth of the internet, digital fundraising and tech-billionaires over the past couple of decades. Now there is the emergence of a new segment of philanthropists and art collectors who are crypto-natives and believe in the metaverse. Hence it is vital for fundraisers to understand their donor motivations and buying behaviours, as Web 3.0 is here to stay


A Fundraising of Cruelty: Manipulation, Identity & Emotion in Fundraising Clay Buck, MFA, CFRE
The early 20th century revolutionized the way we looked at theatre performance – from Brecht’s “alienation” effect to Artaud’s theatre of cruelty, performance came to be seen as a way to move the audience to social action. Is performance a kind of manipulation of emotion to cause action, and is that what we’re doing when we focus our fundraising on storytelling and the identifiable victim effect? In this session, we’ll look at the difference between manipulation and empathetic understanding and what is our role – and responsibility – in creating social change with our audiences.


Alternative and Unconventional Artspreneurship – A South African Perspective Letlhage Mochadibane
As the Arts Summit engages in the practitioners’ reflection on how their personal and collective work has and continues to be disrupted by the new social reality, so is the effect on the audiences’ responses. Thus, the alternative and unconventional response explore and creative models of appreciation and support.


Disruptor Wellbeing – Are you ready? Claire Warner
The raison-d’etre of this entire summit is to ask big questions of those of us in the Arts, Culture and Heritage Sectors’ so that in turn, we can go and ask big questions of ourselves and our organisations. But are we ready to do that? Do we have the mental, emotional and physical capacity to do that and to do it well? The last 18 months has taken a huge toll on what was already a very passionate, committed and overworked sector.

In order to do our best disrupting in the coming weeks and months, we need to be at our best ourselves. This session will look at what being at that best entails: how to know when we’ve taken on or are nearing taking on too much; what the basics of self care are and how they are in fact essential to our best, not a distraction from it; and will ask delegates to consider what are the ingredients of YOUR balanced disrupter wellbeing-filled life, and how can you prioritise and achieve them


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