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FundraisingTech 2021: Online fundraising tools, fundraising platforms, and more

Wednesday 29th September @


Join us on 29th September and gain a deeper knowledge of the online fundraising tools available to make you a better fundraiser.

Featuring interactive workshops, a showcase of tech, and practical how-to guides you’ll come away with the skills to become more effective.

Hear from practitioners who have been in your position! Have your questions answered on:

  • Which online giving platform is right for you
  • How to set up your own online donation and fundraising tools
  • Becoming more efficient by using email journeys and social media management tools
  • How to build your own campaign microsite
  • Survey tools to engage your supporters
  • Data protection and data hygiene
  • Virtual raffles
  • Facebook fundraising
  • Social marketing
  • Accessibility best-practice
  • Finding sponsors through LinkedIn
  • Tips on some of the best free tools out there
  • How to get the most out of your suppliers panel discussion
  • And much more…


Learn from your peers: As always, our event will have plenty of opportunities to virtually network with speakers and other fundraiser.

Watch back at your convenience: Can’t attend the whole thing? All attendees get access to the recordings.

Bonus resources and sessions: Your virtual delegate bag includes more content, cheat-sheets and templates!

This event is free to attend but if you can afford to pay for your ticket we ask you to pay what you can so we can continue to pay our speakers for their time and knowledge as per our EDI Commitment.



Sessions descriptions are still being added!

Top 5 Tips for your Online Donation Form Marjon Robati
I’ll touch on customising design, mention the top performing layout (3-step flow), and automated tax receipts. My session will include a seamless donor experience to make regular giving easy, use of digital wallets, memorable thank you’s, and share options directly from the donation.


Food for thought when choosing a digital fundraising partner for your charity Sophie Clarke & Sarah Johnson
The world of digital fundraising and selecting a digital partner for your charity does not have to be a daunting task. To help you choose the best suited digital partner for your charity we will discuss the points to consider when making the move with our guest speaker Sarah Johnson from Adoption Matters. Topics to be discussed will include platform pricing, tips for switching platforms if your charity has been affected by the closure of Virgin Money Giving and a demo showing how easy setting up a recurring donation can be.


Recording your virtual presentation Ciara Sneyd
Tips and tricks on how to improve your virtual presentation skills.


The Stories Donor Tell – 5 Quick Data Fixes Any Fundraiser Can Tackle Clay Buck, CFRE
We talk about the stories we tell donors, but what about listening to what they’re saying to us? Donors are telling us a lot by the information they’re providing to us and the ways they engage with our organization. But data can be daunting. In this session we will look at how to really listen to donors through the data they provide, what to do to make all that information useful – and EASY to use! Whether you’re data allergic or a seasoned Excel jockey, we’ll cover ways to really make your data work for you.


How to make virtual raffles work for your charity Brad French
In this session, we will discuss how to comply with gambling regulations, and run a simple and cost-effective raffle. We’ll be joined by charity speakers to hear first hand how they have run successful raffles.

We also give a walkthrough of Donr’s new fundraising solution, Text Raffles, which enables charities to create exciting raffles via text message.


Using data driven recommendations to improve email stewardship Amy Leighton
Email. Love it or hate it, it’s still the number one communication channel to engage with supporters efficiently and quickly. But how can you make sure that your emails feel as personal as a 1:1 conversation on the phone? And how can you use data to move away from a one-size-fits-all approach and tailor your supporter journey so the emails they receive are specific and relevant to them? In this session, JustGiving will share how they have overhauled their email journey for online fundraisers and how using data-driven recommendations is already driven a statistically significant uplift in donations.

You’ll come away knowing:

  1. Why using the right CRM tech matters so you can be fast and smarter
  2. Examples of how your data and market trends can inform your decision-making to create better email experiences
  3. Why it’s important to have a clear purpose and objectives for your email


The Future is Here Now – The Rise of Social Fundraising Jill O’Herlihy & Simon Varley
As fundraisers, we have a problem. Fundraising Technology moves so fast that what seems like the right choice today can be the wrong choice for tomorrow.

In this session, Jill O’Herlihy and Simon Varley from GivePanel will show that by embracing social fundraising you can hedge against this.

Specifically, we will look at:

  • What we mean when we talk about Social Fundraising & why your everyday fundraising platform can’t compete against the best UX designers in the world.
  • The benefits, risks and limitations of fundraising on a platform you can’t control.
  • What you can do today to make the most of Facebook & Instagram fundraising.
  • …and, with Facebook fundraising soon to eclipse any other form of digital giving, why you DO still need your own fundraising platform at all? (hint: you do!)

GivePanel is on a mission to help transform forward-thinking nonprofits through social fundraising tools that get tangible results today BUT this session is not a GivePanel demo. Head to our website if you want to hear more about that!


Where to begin in digital fundraising? Eoghan Beecher
The order in which people launch their digital fundraising activities is key to the success and failure of the programme. It is vital that charities undertake a process that allows them gather accurate date to properly measure success to facilitate growth. This session will examine the order in which charities should undertake work to ensure they get the best possible results.


Fundraising with the most generous generations Tom Downie
Millennials (who are now turning 40) and Gen z have proven time and time again to donate more of their time and money collectively than any other generation before them. Yet in the UK charity sector we still communicate and engage in a non-native language, and use out dated technology’s for engaging, talking and attempting to target this audience. Tom from Tiltify will review the role of technology, engagement and communication to secure more money and more fundraisers for your charity.


How to turn fundraising ideas into campaigns that work in real life Emma Smith & Lee Clark
Practical steps on how you can turn that random fundraising idea you once had into something that actually works for your charity. From blasting through the negativity, to plotting and planning an epic fundraising experience – there’s something for everyone involved in fundraising in this session.


How to Grow a (Successful!) Monthly Giving Program Tim Sarrantonio
Monthly donors. Who doesn’t like them? But how do you recognize them and keep them engaged and excited about your organization? How do you keep them giving?

This session will provide you with many examples and best practices to make your monthly donor program even more powerful than ever before!

In this session, the key learning objectives will be:

  • Key research to help prioritizing investing into a dedicated monthly giving program
  • The top 3 features you need to market your program
  • How to design an affordable technology stack around your recurring giving program


The exciting future of Online Small Business Fundraising Veronica Bamford-Deane
Firstly this session will help tackle some myths around Small Business Fundraising and break down the barriers that Commercial Participation Agreements usually create.

Secondly, and just in time for Christmas and the huge income generation opportunity this brings your charity, you’ll be offered an online solution and ready made Small Business Christmas campaign; as well a whole host of ideas on how to engage and motivate small businesses to support you through their sales.


Intro to Digital Accessibility Alex Chen
Accessibility can sometimes feel daunting or overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to feel that way. This is a comprehensive overview of digital accessibility, including the basics of screen reader and keyboard access, visual styles, usability, nd interaction. Presented with a Disability Justice lens.


3 more reasons to come:

  • And panel discussion on What Makes A Strong Supplier/Client Relationship? Pose your own anonymous questions!
  • Also featuring sessions from Masha Les, Miko Bey, Mark Burnett Ben Parker, Alex Aggidis, Michael Hoffman and Brian O’Neill.
  • More sessions on short-form video, data compliance, SEO, accessibility and more.
  • Post-session ‘Meet The Speaker’ discussions.
  • Virtual networking


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