Meet the friendly pair who founded Fundraising Everywhere

Run by fundraisers for fundraisers

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We're Nikki and Simon 👋

Hi I'm Nikki

Co-Founder & Director

Hi I'm Simon

Co-Founder & Director

We share an important – and not-so-secret – mission. It is probably one you share too. We want to change the world.

As fundraisers, you do this by raising money, awareness and support for your cause.

And as the founders of Fundraising Everywhere, we do this by raising your confidence, connections and clarity to do it.

Go team! 😊

With over 30 years’ of fundraising experience between us, we know fundraisers dedicate their careers to good causes…but often without access to formal training or support.

That’s why we started Fundraising Everywhere.

We believe confident, connected, empowered fundraisers can change the world. And we’re super excited to be part of it!

Over the past few years, we’ve created an accessible and supportive online community where fundraisers can connect with peers, keep up with sector trends and  learn new skills.

All so you can go out into the world and do wonderful things.

We’re not like other organisations. Our obsession with making the world a better place is at the heart of everything we do.

Here’s just some of the ways we’re trying to do our bit to help people and the planet.

Paid speakers

We pay all of our speakers for their time and expertise. Meaning you get the best insights and your speakers get to pay their bills and feed their families

Free tickets

We make our online events accessible for smaller charities and freelancers with low prices, plus pay-as-you-feel and pay-it-forward tickets

Carbon offsetting

Even online events create carbon emissions. We are 100% carbon neutral by paying for carbon offsetting for every event

Accessible events

We’re committed to making our online events accessible to people of all physical abilities

Inclusive programme

We work with fundraisers, consultants, and charity leaders to ensure our programme is inclusive to people from all communities

EDI commitment

Creating fair and equitable learning opportunities for all.

We’ve always worked hard to provide equitable opportunities for attendees and speakers and we want to keep you updated with how we’re doing this. We’re in the process of writing up our policies and working with an independent EDI consultant to review our practice and when they’re ready we’ll share them here.

“There is nothing for us, without us”
Saba Shafi