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Death of the Cookie

Cookies have been used to build retargeting audiences and power modelling for targeting new audiences. They’ve had lots of uses. And they’re about to disappear. This is a good thing. The move toward a privacy and transparency-centric web is behind this.

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A neon sign with the words 'what's your story?'

Ethical Storytelling - 10 tips

When charities share the stories of those they support, we capture people in a particular set of circumstances: circumstances that, given the nature of our work, we hope will quickly change for the better. We reduce them to the challenge they are facing. We trap them in time. As a sector, we are starting to acknowledge the damage we do when we treat people’s stories as our property. So how do we change course?

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7 Ways to Create a Charity Paid Ad That Gets Results

Are you looking for top tips on creating a charity paid ad that generates a great return on revenue?

Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll go over 7 of the best ways to create a charity paid social media ad that gets results. Whether you’re just starting or an experienced marketer, these tips will help you create an effective, successful paid ad for your charity. So let’s get started!

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A Letter To Recruiting Managers, Yours Sincerely - A Job Seeker: Part 2

A year ago, I was 2 months into my current role after almost a full year of redundancy, job hunting, interim work and a general feeling of being unsettled and unsafe. I had finally been fortunate to find a role that provided me with familiarity – working with people I had worked with previously so I could feel safe, whilst doing what I loved.

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3 Reasons Why Corporate Fundraisers Are AWESOME

Guest blogger Caroline Danks of LarkOwl talks foul-mouthed Christian rock bands and sleepouts… In my first ever fundraising role, I was part of a team of four focused on trusts and statutory fundraising.  I loved it!  The research and writing elements felt like an easy segue from my degree coursework. 

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AmazonSmile: What's Next?

Amazon has recently announced that it will end its charity donation scheme, “AmazonSmile”. It will end by February 20th with some financial assistance given by Amazon to help with the transition.

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Our 2022 With You

We’re big on building things in the open and including you in our decisions. So this is our honest review of 2022 before we kick off things for 2023.

This might not be the most exciting read for many of you. But, for transparency, I want it to exist somewhere so you can see behind the curtain.

Before I get into the stats though, I want to say ‘thank you’.

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Fundraising through an economic & political catastrophe, photo of Caroline Danks, red background

Fundraising Through An Economic & Political Catastrophe

When there is less to go around and more people to help, it’s difficult not to feel like the work we do as fundraisers is nothing more than a sticking plaster. And not even a good waterproof sticking plaster with a fun cartoon character on it. I’m talking one of those useless sticking plasters which peels off at the first sign of a single bead of sweat.

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Simon Scriver at TEDxDublinInstituteofTechnology

Speakers Must Be Paid. End of.

When Nikki and I launched Fundraising Everywhere in 2019 we wanted to create a fundraising community and training events that were affordable, accessible, engaging and human. We wanted to elevate speakers to new audiences and give them the same opportunities we had been so fortunate to have had ourselves.

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To Change The Funding System, We Have To Work Together

Recently, we at I.G. Advisors opened applications for our #FixTheFlow Fellowship, and I’m really grateful to Fundraising Everywhere for supporting what we’re doing, and inviting me to share a bit about why we’ve developed the programme. To do that, I’d like to tell you a bit about my journey as a fundraiser, and as (what I call) a resource activist.

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Data: the good, the bad, the ugly

Data: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Written by Leesa Harwood, Owner of By The Waves Charity Consulting. Too much of a good thing Data is great.  It underpins good decision-making.  It helps fundraisers to understand supporters, articulate impact, measure success and prioritise the deployment of finite resources.  But you can have too much of a good

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A family of 3 generations looking to camera

Legacy Fundraising In The 2020s

As many people reading this blog will already know, the value of legacy giving is predicted to increase dramatically over the next few decades, with legacy income set to more than double in real terms by 2050.

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Photo of Vic Hancock Felll

Why I’m leaving my job in international development

I Co-Founded a small international development charity when I was fresh out of university, age 21. I had visited Kenya as a volunteer a few times as a teenager and I returned home filled with rage and sorrow at the injustice of what I had seen. I didn’t feel it or know it at the time, but looking back 14 years later, I was peak White Saviour.

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Photo of a person working in a food bank

Small Charities Are The Future

Life is tough at the moment, and it’s getting tougher for many. I set up my own business against the backdrop of COVID. In fact, weirdly it was fuelled by COVID. As charities really started to think about doing things differently, rather than just talking about it. The world is

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How to become a better fundraiser with Members March

Written by Mandi Hine Why Members March? What is Members March, and why should you get involved?After all, you’re already super slammed, pulled in multiple directions and wondering why (or how) you should try and make time for one more thing. I hope my 5 top reasons to embrace Members

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A letter to recruiting managers, yours sincerely - a job seeker

Dear recruiting managers,

I write this to you as something needs to change with the traditional way of recruiting.

This sector is great, but whilst we champion wellbeing, diversity and fairness externally in our charitable work, we are failing those who seek to support these efforts as potential employees.

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Redundancy & furlough - the effect on events

I couldn’t sleep on Thursday night. I started replaying (in my mind) a conversation from the Events Fundraising Virtual Summit session I ran that afternoon. It was a 40 minute round table session of sharing what impact redundancy and furlough has had on events and events fundraisers. Many stories and experiences were bravely shared and it really struck me that for many there hasn’t been a proper opportunity to reflect on the experience of redundancy and furlough and to share and hear from others in similar boats. And a lot of this is still very raw.

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5 top tips for epic fundraising creative

The fundraiser and designer relationship. It can sometimes be a tricky one to navigate, right? We’ve all been there. Some feedback that didn’t land quite right, or a missed brief. Authentic creative is personal, and with negative feedback (however well-meaning) feelings can get hurt. At the same time, when assets take an unexpected turn it can be problematic for our schedules.

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How to organise and run fundraising events in 2022

How to run a fundraising event in 2022 is the top question for charity fundraisers as we head into another year of living in a pandemic. Restrictions are changing to allow more freedom but supporter attitudes and safety considerations still make it tricky to plan confidently.

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Change or Lose: the Digital Evolution

Are we moving forward digitally? At Fundraising Everywhere & Everywhere+, we’re an organisation made up of fundraisers. With over 50 years of experience between us, it’s safe to say, we’ve seen our fair share of change in the sector. And it won’t be a surprise for you to hear that

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