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August 25, 2021



Dogs and cats and birds…oh my! We all know that fundraisers around the world are motivated by, inspired by, and managed by their pets. And now finally we have an event dedicated to them! Our first PETx will see short, sharp sessions from some of the world’s best fundraisers and their pets offering key learnings, quick tips and inspiring power talks in just 5 minutes each. What one piece of advice would these fundraisers give? What quick change can you make to boost your fundraising? Who’s a good boy? All these questions will be answered on August 25th.


September 30, 2021



Brought to you by the National Arts Fundraising School and powered by Fundraising Everywhere! Join cultural leaders, fundraisers, experts, funders and artists from around the world for a truly global conversation about the future of arts, cultural and heritage fundraising. The summit will stream live worldwide in September 2021. Can’t join us on the day? Doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Buy your ticket now you will get access to all the sessions and content to watch in your own time after the live stream.
October 27, 2021



The Individual Giving Virtual Summit is back! An online gathering of agencies, consultants and practitioners sharing their passion for the craft of communicating and fundraising to individual donors. It will be a day filled with practical knowledge, case studies and ideas. Some of the sessions will be focused on direct mail, having multi-channel conversations with donors, how to build a program from scratch using digital, starting with a great case, how the donor brain works and what you need to know about it to fundraise smarter, legacy giving, and so much more. The summit will be targeted toward fundraisers who work in annual giving, individual giving, direct response and communications. The Individual Giving Summit will take place on Wednesday 27th October 2021.

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