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Get into the minds of your donors with Cherian Koshy, Behavioural Science expert and Fundraising Everywhere host, and discover how to mix behavioral science and neuromarketing to lift the lid on what your donors are thinking. 👉

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Image reads: What are your donors thinking? with Cherian Koshy, Vice President of Product Strategy at iWave

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In this session, we’ll show you how mixing behavioral science and neuromarketing can help you create awesome fundraising campaigns that make donors sit up and take action. Cherian will share all the juicy details and practical tips, so you’ll walk away with some fantastic strategies to boost your fundraising game. Get ready for a fun session where he’ll spill the beans on nonprofit fundraising success using the super cool (and scientifically tested) G.I.V.E. Framework!

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"My Fundraising Everywhere membership has brought me so much. Where to start? It’s a great network of fundraisers all wanting to learn and share. I have gained so much from all the events I have attended and was thrilled to be invited to be a speak. I have gained skills, knowledge and confidence - felt less isolated being part of such an amazing network and fully supported. I cannot recommend them highly enough."
Sarah Shooter
Head of Development at Theatre Royal Wakefield