5 Top Tips For Epic Fundraising Creative

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Written by Alex Aggidis

The fundraiser and designer relationship.

It can sometimes be a tricky one to navigate, right?

We’ve all been there. Some feedback that didn’t land quite right. Or a missed brief.

Authentic creative is personal, and with negative feedback (however well-meaning) feelings can get hurt.

At the same time, when assets take an unexpected turn it can be problematic for our schedules.


Read our 5 tops tips to keep fundraiser and designer relationships harmonious and, more importantly, delivering engaging and compelling creative.

1. Make the most of your skillsets

As fundraisers, we have a deep understanding of the mechanics behind an ‘ask’. We’re also closest to the results.

Still, we shouldn’t write briefs that are so prescriptive it kills the creative process (we’re speaking from experience here!).

Sit down with your designer when the brief is still at draft stage.

That way all ideas can be discussed, the brief can be strengthened, and you’re less likely to get surprises at first round.

2. Keep talking

With many of us still working remotely, it’s even more important we prioritise strong and timely communication.

When our designers start their work, ideas can pop up very dynamically.

Try to be available on email to answer questions when they’re booked to work on your activity.

Or, even better, on the phone.

3. Agree the right touchpoints

Managing expectations and agreeing rounds of feedback before the work starts (and sticking to it) is a must.

Unexpected rounds and last-minute changes can be a real buzzkill.

The more organised we are, the more willing our designers will be to help when inevitable complications do arise, and we really need them.

4.    Be willing to take a few risks

The fundraising market is as competitive as ever and we need to ensure we continue to get cut through.

A good designer will keep pushing our boundaries and help us keep things fresh for our audiences.

We need to be open to that.

5. Remember to have fun!

The creative process can be one of the most exciting parts of developing our campaigns. 

Bringing to life the propositions that will capture the hearts of our supporters and raise vital income for our causes.

Enjoy it!

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