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How to run a fundraising event in 2022

How to run a fundraising event in 2022 is the top question for charity fundraisers as we head into another year of living in a pandemic.

Restrictions are changing to allow more freedom but supporter attitudes and safety considerations still make it tricky to plan confidently.

Online events have evolved beyond Facebook groups and mass participation to include virtual stewardship and multi-level engagement.

And digital experiences and expectations have become more expected from participants who have enjoyed two years of choice and control on where and how they get involved.

Where do you begin?!

On Thursday, January 27th, sixteen fundraising event and communication experts will be speaking at the virtual conference, Events Fundraising Virtual Summit.

The conference is for events fundraisers and fundraisers tasked with organising events with donors in 2022 and will give a comprehensive overview into the important aspects of event planning and what you need to do now to succeed.

Here are a few of our session highlights – keep reading to the end for a special offer (and freebies!)

How we created an award-winning virtual event

Phare Ponleu Selpak were the winners of the ‘Best Innovation in Online Events’ at the 2021 Charity Virtual Event Awards for their virtual circus.

When the pandemic hit, Phare Ponleu Selpak’s key source of income was under threat from the disappearance of tourist income. Their important mission was to attract local visitors whilst pivoting successfully to virtual in 2021.

Executive Director, Osman Khawaja, joins us to share what went into the 24hr event that included 31 shows and 160 staff and volunteers.

How to host hybrid events supporters want to attend

Angie’s work caught our eye as one of the first organisations to successfully use hybrid events and champion their potential.

In 2021, Houston Ballet held their first hybrid gala that raised 150% of their financial target. Chief Development Officer, Angie Lane, will be sharing what she knows about planning a strategy, engaging with donors, and how to measure success.

Why we’re hosting in-person only events in 2022 and how we’re planning in the unknown

This session is a wild card for us…

You know we’re advocates of virtual events for accessibility and reach, but we are curious by Muscular Dystrophy’s decision to move ahead with an in-person only programme for 2022 and just how they were planning in the uncertainty – so we invited Head of Events, Krishan Solanki, to tell us more!

A key takeaway from this session will be their approach to contingency planning and how they give their in-person events the best chance of going ahead before deciding to cancel, pivot, or postpone.

Winning minds and buy-in for your 2022 events

Leadership coach, Ceri Suni, joins us for a live workshop so you can head back to work armed not only with the knowledge to host events in 2022, but the confidence and tools to win over your decision-makers.

You’ll get the skills to push-back without being pushy and save your ideas from stakeholder stagnation. 

Coupled with the interactive and live elements throughout the conference, you’ll head back to the work the following day with action points, a plan, and the confidence to lead your team to events fundraising success!

*Special offer*

If you are an events fundraiser that’s been made redundant or you’ve spent some time during the pandemic furloughed, your ticket is completely free. We want to make sure you don’t lose any skills in your career break and bring you up to speed with what’s happening in fundraising events today. Contact [email protected] to claim yours. No proof needed, we trust you.

For everyone else, tickets are just £75 or find two friends and claim a 3 for 2 discount (promo code EventsSummit3+). With insights that will help you overachieve on your fundraising targets in 2022, it’s a small investment work making.
The event will be recorded so you don’t need to be free on Thursday to learn (although there are lots of live elements to get stuck into if you can) and Members will get continued support post-event with specialist coaching calls. Becoming a Member is just £30 a month – check out the benefits here.