The Fundraising Everywhere Fund

Fundraising Objects

Today we're launching the Fundraising Everywhere Fund.

We always try to price our training and events at a level that anyone can access them. For €5 a week to access everything we feel that your organisation will understand that this is a bargain investment in your professional development.

For those whose organisations don't see the value in upskilling you, we still hope our prices are at a level that you can justify self-funding, knowing that on top of access to all of our events our members also get direct access to us for support.

But we've all been in the position where you can't justify another outgoing. You have other priorities and commitments. And we get that.

So we launched the Fundraising Everywhere Fund to help you.

Throughout the year we sometimes have unusual events or circumstances where it doesn't feel right to charge for tickets, but a free show wouldn't do it justice.

In those circumstances we are going to require or request a donation. All of which will go in to The Fund, granting Fundraising Everywhere Membership to people who might normally find it out of reach.