Our Manifesto: Creating a better sector for fundraisers

Too often we are told by fundraisers that they are not getting the support they need, they are burned out, and that staff turnover is high.

In 2019, Fundraising Everywhere was created to right an imbalance in our sector’s approach to learning and networking.

To democratise professional development, we created an online community of learning and networking that was accessible to anyone, anywhere.

This removed barriers for people who did not have the time, budget, or resources to access traditional learning spaces and has gone a long way to improving confidence, skills, and wellbeing for charity employees.

Since 2019 we’ve hosted over 50 conferences and webinars, and supported thousands of fundraisers around the world with their personal and professional goals.

And we’re just getting started.

“As we’ve grown over the years, we’ve listened to our community and realised how much more there is to do to help fundraisers feel supported, heard, and safe. That’s why we want to improve how Fundraising Everywhere supports our sector and invest the income from our Membership and events activity into the changes we all want to see.” – Nikki and Simon

We will continue to empower and upskill fundraisers with training and coaching via our virtual events, conferences, and community.

But alongside this we will work with groups, individuals, charities, and organisations to campaign for change and provide resources that will ensure every fundraiser feels safe and supported in their role.

We’re just at the beginning of this journey and are reaching out to existing groups and networks to work out ways to align our existing resources with their work – to support people already doing amazing things and to gain specialist insight and partnership on other areas where we need help.

Our improved ways of working will look like,

  • Continuing to provide accessible and equitable online learning
  • Partnering with existing groups to provide a platform, funding, or support to achieve shared goals
  • Forming new groups and networks to support regional and specialised areas of fundraising and charity activity
  • Providing access to relevant webinars and training for charities responding to a crisis
  • Working in partnership with organisations to campaign for change from Government, CIoF, the Fundraising Regulator, and others
  • Delivering top-quality training that empowers you to do your job to the best of your ability
  • Working with Members to hear what changes, training, and support is needed and respond accordingly
  • Charity support helpline
  • Funding research and/or guidance to support charities to create better places to work

We are calling on you to join us – as an organisational or individual member – to work with us on our vision for a better sector for a fundraisers.

A sector where each individual feels safe, supported, and skilled to do their job and they feel proud doing it.

If you would like to discuss joining us a Member or bringing your charity onboard to help us achieve this change, contact [email protected]

If you are a group or organisation that wants to join Fundraising Everywhere in creating a better sector for fundraisers, email [email protected]

We want to be open and transparent as we work towards this improved focus. Any meetings and discussions will be noted here with outcomes so you can see where we’re at and who we’re speaking to at any point. In some cases, our meeting attendees may wish to stay anonymous which we need to respect, but all discussion points will still be noted.