Partnership Policy

Fundraising Everywhere is proud to collaborate with groups, companies, and individuals to create positive change or fundraisers and charities.


Therefore, it’s important that we partner with groups, individuals, and organisations that don’t cause harm to fundraisers and charities by making their job difficult, unsafe, or upsetting.


Below you’ll find our requirements for working in partnership.


We will only partner with organisations and businesses that:


  • Provide services and/or support that support charities and fundraisers to do their job safely and effectively

  • Align with our values and mission and demonstrate positive action to achieve them

  • Are not funded by illegal activity

  • Are not involved in any activity that causes direct harm to charities and fundraisers or makes it difficult for them to achieve their goals (e.g. promoting anti-charity narrative or hate-speech)

  • Do not restrict the content we create, the people we platform, or the events we deliver

  • Require exclusivity (in line with previous requirement)

We take full responsibility to carry out due diligence when working with commercial partners.


Any questions can be sent to [email protected]