A New Labour Government: Exploring the impact on Charities & Campaigns



Join Us for an Exclusive Live Q&A Panel Discussion!

Are you a fundraiser looking to navigate the changing political landscape? Join us for a live Q&A panel discussion that delves into the implications of the recent general election and the new Labour government on our sector and how we can build awesome campaigns within this new world.

Why Attend?

1. Explore New Opportunities:
  • Understand how the new Labour government’s policies and priorities may open up fresh avenues for funding, campaigning and support.
2. Identify Challenges:
  • Gain insights into potential challenges that may affect strategies and equip yourself with knowledge on how to adapt in a shifting political environment.
3. Foster Collaboration:
  • Discover opportunities for collaboration and network with fellow fundraisers and charity sector experts to share best practices and innovative ideas.
4. Update Your Strategies:
  • Find out what updates and adjustments may be necessary for your current approaches and learn from seasoned professionals about effective strategies to thrive under the new government.
We have gathered a panel of experts who will share their insights and answer your questions:
  • Helen Hector, Strategy Director at Forward Action
  • Paul de Gregorio, Founder at Rally
  • Andrew Taylor-Dawson, Development Manager at Liberty

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and position your charity efforts for success. Register now to secure your spot!

This webinar will be subtitled and recorded. You can watch the webinar back on the same link used to attend the conference until the end of August if you are unable to attend live.

Any questions, please email [email protected]


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