Audioliz: Using AI to manage call quality with David Klajman

Audioliz: Using AI to manage call quality


If you would like to significantly boost your telephone fundraising efforts, I’ll demonstrate how with AI you can now empower your fundraising agents to become more effective and empathetic communicators. You’ll see how it is now possible to extract automatically pivotal insights, and tailor interactions to resonate deeply with donors, increasing both engagement and donations.

I’ll share practical strategies and real-life examples of how NGOs can leverage Audioliz to refine their communication tactics, ensuring they connect more meaningfully with their donor base. This session promises not only to enrich your fundraising toolkit but also to transform how you communicate with your supporters, making every call count towards your mission.

Key learnings from this session:

  • Enhance quality monitoring
  • Discover AI concrete tools you can use today
  • Have ideas on what data you can use to better communicate with your donors


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