#BAMEOnline 2022



#BAMEOnline is back – bigger, badder and even more brilliant!

This is the charity conference like no other, where we explore how the legacy of imperialism, colonialism and racism underpin the charity and philanthropic landscape. We will be speaking with some of the most innovative change makers in the charity space and having challenging conversations about our complicity in a system we are trying to dismantle.

We will talk about the realities of doing anti-racist work, community centic fundraising, the charity industrial complex, empire, leadership, radical imagination, joy and so much more. If you are thinking about how to build anti-racism into your work, this conference is for you. #BAMEOnline isn’t just for people of colour, anti-racism is everybody’s business.

Our conference centres bravery, creativity and joy so as usual there will be laughter, tears, dancing and hype – and that’s just from our hosts Martha and Cam!

Join us on 28th July 2022 (and for 30 days afterwards) to navigate some of these complex but vital topics as we will once again ask you to question everything you thought you knew about racism, charity and philanthropy.

Tickets are pay what you can, which means that it is open to all, regardless of their training budget. If you are able to cover the price of someone with less disposable income when purchasing a ticket, please do! Profits will be split with Black Trans Alliance and Kids of Colour

Don’t forget you will have 30 days to catch up on the content after the conference too, so please do get a ticket even if you aren’t available

Accessibility information: We will have closed captions and BSL interpreters all day and you can download our accessible programme here.

A Tweet by Aanchal Clare @AanchalClare that says, Wow! Martha Awojobi thank you for one of the most inspiring days of my career - #BAMEOnline is a game changer! Camala malamz thank you for co-hosting with such energy and insight! An amazing day filled with an abundance of black and brown talent. Feeling so inspired.


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