Changing the public perception of refugees through paid social – how the IFRC activated the Moveable Middle to change minds and hearts across Europe


With SOCIAL SOCIAL, the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) funded by ECHO, reached millions of young, politically neutral and open minded Europeans across 6 markets, to share powerful stories of the authentic lived experience of refugees in Turkey.

We analysed social media audiences to identify the best prospects for positive political perception change, then paired beneficiaries directly with influencers from across Europe to create video content that sparked a conversation.

We’ll show you how we delivered a phased paid social, influencer and press playout we reached then engaged millions of people, and created positive, lasting change; and we won’t shy away from the challenges we faced, including tips on how you could overcome them.


Speakers are added to our events as we receive their details and are updated continuously. These events achieve the goals set out in our EDI commitment.

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