CharityBI: automate admin, centralise data and save loads of time!


CharityBI is the brand new platform that automatically imports and standardises your supporter data from platforms like JustGiving, CAF and Enthuse, so you can get data into your CRM quickly and easily.

Stop spending hours of staff time manually downloading, de-duplicating, cleaning and uploading… None of us should be doing that in 2023!

Join Co-Founder Sean Donnelly for a whistle-stop tour of CharityBI. You’ll hear case studies from charities that are using CharityBI’s integrations with JustGiving, Enthuse, Stripe, Mailchimp, CAF and more.

CharityBI is helping charities save loads of time, centralise their supporter data, build data confidence, reduce costly human errors and ultimately deliver brilliant supporter experiences. Join us to learn more.

Key learnings from this session:

  • You are not alone in your data woes. CharityBI conducted over 60 hours of interviews with charity professionals and 95% reported that data admin was the biggest frustration in their job!
  • You will get a personalised estimate of how much time (and £) your charity is spending on manual data tasks.
  • How to automate manual data tasks using CharityBI integrations


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