Christmas in June - Data driven strategies to help you supercharge your end-of-year appeal



Did you know that December is the biggest month for fundraising in the UK? And that those final few days of the year really inspire donors to be as generous as possible?

So it might be high summer now – but it’s more important than ever to make sure your charity is set up for the most successful end of year appeal ever. 

The fundraisers at Raisely, in partnership with Fundraising Everywhere, are thrilled to host a seminar jam-packed with insights and tips for your end of year appeal.

We’ll take a deep dive into the UK fundraising landscape, covering what we’ve seen charities achieve in 2022 and the first half of 2023, along with what the impact of the cost of living is likely to have on Christmas fundraising.   

Meet your speakers: Sarah Goddard, the Public Fundraising specialist and Muna Hussen, previously Head of Marketing and Fundraising at The Bike Project and now leading the UK team of Raisely. 

They will be putting their heads together and bringing you the most effective data driven strategies to make your end of year fundraising a huge success:

  • From leveraging matched giving partnerships…
  • …to how to invite donors to give regularly
  • …while sharing tailored communications and stellar stewardship with supporters…
  •  ….and diversifying your campaigns to reach more donors…
  • …all while telling the most compelling stories about your work. 

Using data from thousands of campaigns live on Raisely, they’ll also share tips on how to use the right donation amounts and frequencies to maximise your fundraising potential. 

What are the Key Learnings:

It’s always hard to think of Christmas during the sunshine – but it’s more important than ever to lay the building blocks now to make for smooth sailing into your end of year appeal. 

Raisely builds and advises on fundraising strategies for thousands of campaigns across the world – and now they’re bringing you the learnings they’ve captured from charities in the UK:

  • Learn the most effective donation frequencies and amounts
  • Learn how to use tailored communications to delight your supporters
  • Maximise matched giving and boost your donations
  • And diversify your income, by allowing your donors to give how they want

So get ready to take your end-of-year fundraising campaign to the next level. Sign up now and let’s make your campaign a huge success!


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