Digging much deeper into trusts research


Research might be the worst discussed issue in trust fundraising. Accurate, deep understanding is central to getting our key targets to choose us, but difficult because trusts don’t necessarily communicate what they’re really doing. However, we can largely just assume we know how to research. If we do so, it is very easy to miss the key details.

This talk will break down the skills and techniques we actually need for good research, focusing on those issues that perhaps are most overlooked.

Key learnings from this session:

  • Increased ambition to understand the trusts who are key to you
  • More advanced skills, going far beyond reading the published materials, when the value of the opportunity is much higher
  • A range of skills for using the telephone


Speakers are added to our events as we receive their details and are updated continuously. These events achieve the goals set out in our EDI commitment.

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