Distilling supporter insights to shape your legacy proposition with Jaz Nannar

Distilling supporter insights to shape your legacy proposition


In this session, you’ll find learn more about:

  • asking the right questions of your charity – what’s the point of us? Will it be the same in years to come? What’s our direction of travel? What do all the strategies, statements, vision and values mean for the future?
  • asking the right questions of people who care enough to consider leaving a legacy to your charity. What matters to them? Who to ask, what to ask and, more importantly, how to listen.
  • broad themes that emerge from working across causes and charities when supporters are considering a gift in their will.
  • finding the overlap between what matters to your charity and what matters to people who will leave you a gift in their will – and building your legacy proposition.
  • building messages that support your legacy proposition.

Key learnings from this session:

  • How to have in-depth conversations with your supporters on what matters to them.
  • How to marry up what matters to them, with what matters to the charity.
  • How to build messages around your key legacy proposition.


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