5 Steps to Value Creation for Virtual Events



If we’re being honest, COVID-19 has pushed our association industry to go virtual with events much quicker than we were anticipating or prepared for. Sure, many of us were on the path of digital transformation, but our current global pandemic has certainly fast-tracked our need to embrace the future today. And with that comes the problem of pricing – how do we provide value and monetize virtual events?

Join us as we share the 5 steps your team needs to walk through when planning your virtual event’s sponsorships and attendance fees to raise the funding your organization needs for financial sustainability.

Learning Objectives:

  • The two types of value propositions you need to utilize with attendees and sponsors
  • How to define your value propositions
  • How to conduct market research for value and pricing
  • Value-based sales and negotiation recommendations



Speakers are added to our events as we receive their details and are updated continuously. These events achieve the goals set out in our EDI commitment.

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