Driving the ESG bandwagon towards purposeful fundraising



Scrutiny around Environmental, Social and Governmental (ESG) commitments, reporting, policies and implementation is rising. And meeting the ESG expectations of funders is no longer just a differentiator, it’s fast becoming a critical step in securing access to funding. Join Kirsten and Jim from Sonnet Impact & Advisory to consider how your organisation’s practices and operations, and its impact on society and the environment can demonstrate value and open doors to generating sustainable income.

Top learnings from this webinar:

  1. The minefield of ESG: How to understand ‘ESG’ when you’re an organisation that is inherently focused on delivering impact.
  2. The reasons ESG drivers are important to different groups of funders, why this should be integral to your business case, and how it can benefit your income generating potential.
  3. First Steps: Where is the best place to start for a social purpose organisation?


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