Getting more from your Gen Z employees: Duolingo's Method to the Madness


Duo, a sassy and fiercely loyal owl, has landed countless viral TikToks by riffing off of trending audio clips. Whether it’s fan-girling over Dua Lipa or getting in trouble with Legal, Duo has stolen the hearts of gen-Z and #brandtok.

Hear from the brains behind language-learning platform Duolingo’s TikTok account, Zaria Parvez about the entertainment-first account. We’ll take a peek into how Duolingo implemented a test-and-learn approach, empowered Gen-Z talent to take the reigns, and flipped the script on traditional marketing.

Key learnings from this session:

  1. Calculated risk is a consciously bold decision that marries intention with impact.
  2. The cost of disruption is risk.
  3. Disruption in marketing isn’t always about doing something revolutionary. It’s often about advocating for innate truths we all know and feel in our gut.


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