Getting People to Care with Tim Kachuriak

Getting People to Care


For the past decade, NextAfter founder and Chief Innovation & Optimization Officer, Tim Kachuriak, has been obsessed with trying to answer a single question: why do people give? This obsession has led to reams of original research and over 5,500 published experiments. All this research and experimentation has resulted in a simple—yet profound—discovery: the secret to getting more people to give lies first in getting them to care. Through this fast-paced, information-packed opening session full of case studies, Tim will illustrate how you can apply a methodology called “care alignment” to radically increase your fundraising performance.

Key learnings from this session:

  1. People are not falling into your donor funnel, they are falling out – your job is to help them up the sides.
  2. Small changes in your digital fundraising make big impacts.
  3. Be more human in your fundraising and test, test, test!


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