Getting the Most From Canva


Do you get asked by your community fundraisers for help with promoting their events and activities? Do you wish that you could share a great group of templates that they could use to personalise and promote how they’re supporting your charity? Canva is a simple to use design tool that can really help your content stand out from the crowd. In this session I will share tips to set up your brand in Canva, and create templates that can help retain brand identity while also saving you and your team time.

Key learnings from this session:

🟡 Visual design fundamentals – what looks good and why
🟡 Bringing in existing assets and brand information
🟡 Accessibility and what you need to think about
🟡 Planning the templates you’ll need to start off with
🟡 Saving templates and using the ‘projects’ section
🟡 Auto resize, and other nifty tricks


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