Growing the top 2% - Legacies and Major Donors


We all know how important high value legacies are. For most of us, good years are driven by this high value legacy group, and when they come, suddenly everyone is interested. But what if they don’t come? What should we be doing now to make sure they come in the future?

When I am older, wiser and being invited to legacy stewardship events myself, I want the pride of knowing that the biggest legacy I left for UNICEF was the work that I am doing now to help grow the top 2 per cent. Good thing I’ve got at least 20 years before I retire, because there is a lot to do and surprisingly very little understanding in the UK about wealthy individuals and what they are planning for their legacy giving.

In 2022 I commissioned Legacy Voice to undertake some research into high value supporters and legacy giving for UNICEF and am happy to share some of what I have learned.

Come and find out, from a fundraisers perspective, what you need to know about this audience, some of their motivations, a surprising competitor right under your nose, and what you might need to think about at your charity.

Key learnings from this session:

  • Who and where the donors are
  • Motivations for affluent donors
  • The next generations of major donors
  • The link between wealth and will making


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