How to Be More Pirate


Forget everything you think you know about pirates. Painted as rogues and villains by history (and Disney), they were in fact the social revolutionaries of the 1700s. They didn’t just break all the rules, they rewrote them entirely and pioneered some radically progressive new ideas.

Be More Pirate is a book, philosophy and global network that helps individuals and organisations apply pirate tactics and tools to update outdated rules, norms, practices and processes.

From headteachers to healthcare, this session will offer you practical ideas for change and demonstrate how some of our modern ‘pirates’ have successfully applied these strategies.

We’re trying to solve 21st century problems using 20th century methods and it’s not working. So many systems are failing; it time to find the courage and imagination to rewrite the rules. It’s time to be more pirate!

Key learnings from this session:

  • Why rule-breaking serves the greater good
  • The pirate code as blueprint for better leadership and culture
  • How to explore the edges of your map
  • The power of small bold actions


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