How To Close More Partnership Deals with Case Studies


Joe Waters, a Boston-based expert on win-win partnership who blogs at and Tasman Cassim, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Black Dog Institute make the case for using case studies in your partnership program. During their presentation, Joe and Tas will show you their step-by-step process for creating and using partnership case studies.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Why case studies are the #1 piece of content you should be creating for your partnership program. Everything else is just a “nice to have.”
  • Who’s the right candidate for a case study & how to convince them to participate. You DON’T need a case study for every partnership.
  • What questions to ask & how to structure your case study. This is critical. It’s all about asking the RIGHT. QUESTIONS.
  • Where and how to use your case study for maximum impact. If you overuse it, it will lose its impact.
  • The ultimate goal: A case study-centric organization. Not to be paradoxical, but it’s not about the case study, per se.


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