How to find, keep, and steward your London Marathon fundraisers with Marc Roby

How to find, keep, and steward your London Marathon fundraisers


You’ve got the places, you’ve benchmarked the fundraising targets and you know where you’re going to be cheering on race day…but as it stands you’ve got no (or not enough) runners?

Well this is where a lot of charities find themselves, as the hardest part of growing your fundraising through running events is physically getting a runner to sign up and getting them fundraising…

In this session Marc will go through the main tends of 2023 to identify where and how you should be recruiting runners in 2024. This should give you a great mix of demographics, but also the tools you can use at your disposal to recruit them.

The fundraising market has also got a lot more competitive, and you need to stand out amongst the noise. Marc will outline the essentials for keeping your runners engaged right up to race day and beyond.

Finally Marc will look at the lifespan of a supporter, and how you can, just by taking a few easy steps, ensure your runners have a fantastic experience, and keep coming back for more!

Key learnings from this session:

  1. Using trends to increase the number of runners you have in 2024
  2. Why pre and post race communication is more important than race day itself.
  3. How to make sure fundraisers are “being heard” and not just “being listened to


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