Lightning Sessions: Purpose-Driven Fundraising 101 : Individual Giving with Purpose in Mind


To succeed in individual giving, you need to attract and connect with donors who are passionate and aligned with your mission. This is a crucial way for many nonprofits to raise funds, but it requires the right mindset. It’s about showing donors that you care about them as much as they care about you. That’s why focusing on purpose over profit is essential for successful fundraising. But how can you help your organization adopt this purpose-driven approach?

Join this bite-sized session to discover powerful questions and tips that will help you and your organization succeed in purpose-driven fundraising.

Key learnings from this session:

  • Explore effective questions that can help your team prioritize purpose rather than profit in terms of individual giving.
  • Learn how to communicate your organization’s purpose and impact to your donors in a way that makes them feel valued and inspired.


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