Live Forever: Innovations in Memorialisation with Emily Grint & Tracy Jones

Live Forever: Innovations in Memorialisation


Legacy and in-memory fundraisers are always looking for new ways to acknowledge the people who have left a Gift in their Will or been remembered with a donation. But the way we remember and memorialise people is changing so fast that it can be hard to keep up. New innovations in technology are rapidly changing the way we pay tribute to the people who have come before us, ensuring their names live on forever.

In this session, we’ll look outside the sector to see how loved ones are already being remembered and what might be just around the corner. We’ll also take a detailed look at one children’s hospice in Wales who is already pushing the boundaries with their innovative project, These Names Will Be Forever In Our Skies.

Attendees will leave the session feeling inspired! The session will remind them of the importance of inviting supporters to share their loved ones names. It will give them confidence to be creative in their approach.


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