Match Funding to Multiply Impact with Bethany Duxbury-Campbell & Sahil Shah

Match Funding to Multiply Impact


Is match funding the future of giving? Time and time again, we’ve seen that match funding incentivises more people to give and give more. But what other benefits can it provide, and how can charities make the most of match funding to encourage giving at a time when people have less to give?

Big Give is the UK’s biggest match funding platform. We run match funding campaigns for charities throughout the year, including the Christmas Challenge – the UK’s digital match funding campaign. We want to share our knowledge about why charities should consider match-funding as part of their fundraising strategy and how it can benefit them. We have over a decade of experience in match funding, and we have strong quantitative and qualitative data on how match-funding benefits charities.

Key learnings from this session:

  • How charities can get involved with match-funding
  • A charity’s experience of match funding
  • The benefits charities can experience from utilising match funding and how it can encourage people to give during economic uncertainty
  • How charities can think about their network and plan asks more strategically
  • Big Give and the match funding opportunities we have


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