Measuring Relationship Building, Perhaps the Most Critical Measure in Fundraising: It’s Not Just About the Money! Actually, It’s Mostly Not About the Money


How does your organization measure results? Please! Not just with money raised!

“Data itself is nothing unless one uses it as a resource from which to draw conclusions.” YES! One of my favorite quotes ever. (Thanks Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, authors of the science fiction novel, Dune: The Machine Crusade.)

Your purpose is to understand donor expectations. You monitor their experiences with your organization. You want to know how your performance compares to their expectations.

Things I’ll talk about in this session: What will you measure and why. Engaging board and staff in the process. The difficulty of doing this work. Your written relationship-building plan. Inviting your donors to share their philanthropic stories.

P.S. What we will not talk about in a 30-minute session: How to actually do this work.


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