Recruiting Values Aligned Fundraisers with Tom Ward

Recruiting Values Aligned Fundraisers


The session will be presented by Tom Ward who is the Managing Director of REAL Jobs.

Tom will examine why values alignment is so important, especially in fundraiser recruitment.

He will also take a closer look at why the link between the fundraising field and the recruitment team is such an important one, and looking at how important it is for department or operational managers to share a true reflection of the operational culture in order for new hires to be values-aligned.

In addition to this Tom will talk about some of the processes and methodology REAL Jobs use in values aligned fundraiser recruitment.

Key learnings from this session:

  • How to closer align the recruitment process with the internal departmental or operational culture
  • Some must have’s when it comes to values aligned recruitment
  • Some tips on the type of questions that really help the recruiter see beyond any veneer of a potential candidate


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