Sharpening the focus: inclusion, inequalities and workplace wellbeing


We know that work which feels rewarding is good for our wellbeing. We also know that work can be a major stressor. All the evidence shows that a workplace focus on mental health has significant benefits including huge financial benefit. Similarly the evidence shows the most successful organisations have a diverse workforce,yet gender and ethnic pay gaps persist, and many people do not feel able to be their whole selves at work without fear of judgement or sanction. They don’t feel heard, seen, listened to or valued.

MHFA England’s campaign #MyWholeSelf is based on the premise that we can only operate at the edge of our brilliance and the best of our ability when we feel safe, supported and valued at work. The links between inclusion, belonging, wellbeing and performance may seem obvious, but we don’t always look at the whole organisation through a lens of wellbeing. And maybe it is time we should!


Speakers are added to our events as we receive their details and are updated continuously. These events achieve the goals set out in our EDI commitment.

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