Sustaining Wellbeing for Last Leg of Pandemic & Beyond


In the last year, we’ve all become better at getting work done in remote or hybrid workplace environments. With more and more people getting vaccinated each day, we are reaching the last mile of this exhausting and punishing marathon. To cross the finish line, we need to continue to encourage and prioritize employee wellbeing and work-life balance to reduce stress and increase organizational impact.

Work-life balance is an essential skill for productive remote or hybrid work where lines between work and personal life are often blurred and can lead to overworking and burnout. It is key to focus on your team’s connection to each other and create a supportive workplace environment. We also have to encourage employees to practice extreme self-care without guilt, and adopt digital wellness routines. Workplace wellbeing must become the new workplace norm as we heal from the devastating impact of the Corona Virus.

Join Beth Kanter (, nonprofit thought leader, virtual facilitator, and author of the Happy Healthy Nonprofit for presentations on why workplace wellbeing goes beyond being a coping mechanism for COVID and how it can help you and your charity succeed in a Post-COVID world.


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