The Change Imperative: Survive, Grow and Thrive with Luke Mallett

The Change Imperative: Survive, Grow and Thrive


As much as 75% of major change programmes fail to achieve all their objectives and/or capture long-term value. This session will explore why this happens and how leaders can make change more impactful and successful while guiding their teams through change.

Discover the core principles and actionable steps to drive and effectively communicate change, foster a culture of adaptability, and achieve your transformation goals.

Join this presentation to gain practical insights and strategies to harness change as an imperative for ‘thrival’.

Key learnings from this session:

  • Consider the barriers to successful change and gain practical strategies to overcome common barriers, ensuring smoother transitions.
  • Gain insights into leading impactful and successful change initiatives by understanding and managing team and individual responses to change.
  • How to ensure that change efforts result in sustainable success and ongoing innovation by fostering a culture of adaptability and continuous improvement.


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