The Leadership Landscape


Leadership comes in many forms, but what is universal is that we will face wider challenges, out of our control. Impacts of changes across spheres from socio-economic, political, and environmental, mean that leaders must constantly have their ears, minds, and hearts open. This can be a challenge, to remain authentic and empathetic, whilst balancing the needs of your organisation to thrive. Through clear and honest leadership, showing up and demonstrating vulnerability, we can continue to navigate the path to doing the right thing.

This session will kick off the conference with Anaish’s reflections on leadership in his current world; from being a head of team, trustee, tennis captain and eldest sibling.

Key learnings from this session:

  • Leadership comes in many forms.
  • Our leadership is challenged everyday by things we can and can’t predict.
  • Remaining open will help navigate these challenges.


Speakers are added to our events as we receive their details and are updated continuously. These events achieve the goals set out in our EDI commitment.

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