The power of shared purpose - how to find your unique why with Laura Hughes-Onslow

The power of shared purpose - how to find your unique why


Companies are increasingly focusing on their ESG commitments and building social purpose into the heart of their strategies. By harnessing the power of shared purpose, we can pool our resources, raising funds and creating change together. But that’s easy to say and sometimes harder to do. How do you stand out to a potential corporate partner, and demonstrate your unique why? This session will showcase how powerful your unique why can be with a real-life example increasing corporate pledges from £2m to £10m. We will talk through some steps you can take to find your own unique why and apply it throughout your pitching and partnership-building process.

Key learings from this session:

  • Feel energised and motivated by the power of shared purpose and the potential to be unlocked through a ‘unique why’
  • See a ‘unique why’ in action at the Sutton Trust and understand the role it played in significantly increasing corporate pledges
  • Three practical steps to find your own why, and three steps to embed into your pitching/partnership process, applicable to larger and smaller charities


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