Why charity workers are unionising - and how this benefits the sector


In these extraordinarily challenging times, it is often the charity sector that is picking up the pieces. And the backbone of this sector are the staff, who are trying desperately to support as many people as possible while looking after themselves too.

As charity workers, we’re motivated by social purpose as much as our working conditions and pay. But being passionate about our work should not come at the expense of being treated and paid fairly. Many of us in have experienced poor work practices, and burnout is increasingly common.

In this session, we’ll explore why increasing numbers of charity workers are unionising in order to tackle these problems together, and hear examples of where collective action has benefited not only workers, but the organisation as a whole.

We’ll look at some common arguments against unions in the third sector, and why they’re wrong – and why taking workers’ rights and wellbeing seriously is a prerequisite for a strong and effective charity sector.

Key lessons from this session:

  • Why charity workers are unionising
  • What it means to be in a unionised workplace, and the benefits for both workers and managers
  • Responses to some common arguments against unions in the charity sector


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