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Amy Sample Ward

Amy Sample Ward


Amy is driven by a belief that the nonprofit technology community can be a movement-based force for positive change. Their prior experience in direct service, policy, philanthropy, and capacity-building organizations has fueled Amy's work to create meaningful, inclusive, and compassionate community engagement and educational opportunities for organizations around the world.

As the CEO of NTEN, Amy inspires the NTEN team and global partners to believe in community-generated change. Amy believes technology can help nonprofits reach their missions more effectively and equitably, but doing so takes intention and investment in training, access, and collaboration.


May 13, 2021



Your donors are talking to you, do you hear what they’re saying? If fundraising is about relationships, then data is the way donors communicate back to us – who they are, what they value, and how they see themselves as part of your org’s mission. Remember Poetry Slams? Loud, lively, fun events that moved poetry into the world of every day. That’s what we did with fundraising data. Whether you’re a frontline fundraiser looking to learn more from what donors are telling us or a tech-savvy, all-things-data Excel jockey, we’ve got a session for you! The Connection Economy is powered by data. Buy access to all Data Slam 2021 sessions now to rev up your fundraising. You should attend this event if:
  • You’re responsible for creating and implementing fundraising strategies, campaigns or events
  • You’re a fundraiser with targets to reach
  • You’re a fundraising leader looking to work smarter, not harder
Hosted in partnership between Fundraising Everywhere and Sam Laprade CFRE and T. Clay Buck CFRE. Buy your Data Slam 2021 ticket and get instant access to the following sessions:
  • Using Data Insights to Drive Personal Connections with Donors Gabe Cooper
  • Data, Data Everywhere Steve McLaughlin
  • Yes, You Can Plan a New Donor Welcome Series in 20 Minutes! Maureen Wallbeoff
  • Humanizing Artificial Intelligence: How AI can help every fundraiser build stronger, more authentic donor relationships. Nejeed Kassam
  • Marketing and Fundraising, a match made in heaven… Safiyyah Gareeboo
  • The Ultimate Guide to Fundraising Databases Chad Barger
  • Give Like You Live: A snapshot of how to use the giving data that surrounds you Suhailah Waheed
  • How to be Data Driven in your Small Shop Rachel Bearbower
  • Undaunting the daunting Helen Brown
  • Respect Your Donors with Gender-Inclusive Data Jude Shimer



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