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Barbie Liss

Barbie Liss


Barbie is a Life & Empowerment Coach, Energy Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Co-Facilitator of International Women’s Retreats and Co-Founder of the ReHumanize Movement. She has a BA in Psychology and over 15 years working with Women in a Health, Wellness and Fitness environment, as well as many years building and running an art business from the ground up. As Coach, Facilitator and Speaker, Barbie is an UNteacher of societal messages and a perspective shift maker. She takes a heart-centered approach in guiding people inward to reclaim self and embody their fullest authenticity. Through the healing path and education on her own journey as Mom of a Survivor following her daughter’s experience of sexual assault, and the ultimate deep healing brought by their restorative justice outcome, Barbie demonstrates great strength and compassion in the work she offers.


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