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Caroline Danks


Caroline is a Director for LarkOwl, a consultancy specialising in high value fundraising and commercial income for charities and non-profits. Since setting up her own company in 2016, Caroline has raised over £3 million for a variety of capital appeals and has provided strategic advice to several charities in the health, hospice, environment, arts, heritage and policy sectors. Caroline is also a speaker, blogger and trainer, creating her first self study online training course for aspiring trust fundraisers in 2019 and publishing weekly articles in LarkOwl's newsletter 'The Nest Egg'. In 2019 and 2020, LarkOwl published popular studies on the return on investment in UK fundraising which are designed to support decision makers in setting realistic and achievable targets. In her spare time, Caroline is a wannabe mermaid and spend as much time swimming in the sea as the weather allows. She also loves to play Mario Kart (despite being terrible at it) and Bears vs Babies with her family.