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Chester Mojay-Sinclare


I founded Enthuse as it is today while at university in 2012, following a gap year in Australia where I was a street fundraiser for WWF.

I felt as though that personal touch was missing from digital fundraising - it seemed transactional - so I made it Enthuse's mission to develop donations, fundraising and event registration technology that puts charities first and helps them to build long-lasting supporter relationships. As it stands, we've now helped over 4,000 charities raise over £100 million.


August 25, 2021



Dogs and cats and birds…oh my! We all know that fundraisers around the world are motivated by, inspired by, and managed by their pets. And now finally we have an event dedicated to them! Our first PETx will see short, sharp sessions from some of the world’s best fundraisers and their pets offering key learnings, quick tips and inspiring power talks in just 5 minutes each. What one piece of advice would these fundraisers give? What quick change can you make to boost your fundraising? Who’s a good boy? All these questions will be answered on August 25th.



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