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Chloe Amstein


I’m a Fundraising Strategy Consultant, meaning I’m nosy for a living and always on the hunt for what might get people putting their hands in their pockets and donating. But as much as I love getting lost in stacks of insight, I believe strategic thinking shouldn’t be confined to an ivory tower. I believe the thinking should live and breathe out in the trenches with you, the fundraiser, helping you generate emotional value for the people who care about your cause every day. It’s why I’ve made it my mission to bring the thinking closer to the fundraiser. Over 15 years, I’ve worked for WaterAid, Good Agency, and now, as a Consultant, I get to call charities like British Red Cross, FareShare, Teenage Cancer Trust and Barnardo’s my clients. I specialise in Individual Giving, Legacies, Innovation and everything in-between.