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Claire Louise Chamberlain


Claire Louise Chamberlain is a survivor of childhood trauma and abuse. In adult
life she followed the pattern of many victims, entering into further abusive
situations and relationships.

After escaping her final abuser, Claire found herself unable to access support
and was continuously re traumatised by the services designed to help.

The impact of this was catastrophic and left Claire not only at risk from
further/post separation abuse but also feeling desperate, scared and isolated.

During her struggle she started keeping journals and seeking ways to help herself
heal. During this time she discovered:

  • The average waiting list on the NHS is 2 years long.
  • Should there be a criminal investigation, survivors are advised not to seek therapy until after the trial due to witness testimonials being diminished.
  • Because of this she, like the majority of victims of the most severe crimes, was left for years with absolutely no support.
  • This negatively impacts the survivor and their children. Unhealed trauma has a deep negative impact on entire families for generations.

After finally creating a system to heal for herself and her children, Claire also
discovered that the majority of victims escaping abuse often suffer with
debilitating trauma induced issues.

In response to this, she created The Four Cornerstones of Healing, a free 10 week
trauma informed programme which enables survivors to access healing tools that
are otherwise inaccessible; this means that they can understand and manage
their triggers, take back control of their lives and flourish beyond the trauma and

Claire also created Clear Path UK Conference to raise awareness for this and to
give a platform to other survivors to inspire, educate and empower.

During the planning of the conference, collaborators formed a think tank, pooled
resources, and shared research in an effort to discover the best solutions to
tackling the epidemic of abuse nationwide.

Clear Path UK Coalition CIC was formed and now provides resources to abuse
sector professionals and organisations, while offering free access to support
services for survivors.

If you would like to book Claire to speak at your event, please email
[email protected] and let us know your speaker budget and event details.