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Claire Warner


Claire Warner is a former charity Fundraising Director & Senior Leader, turned Culture & Wellbeing consultant

It was in trying to throw herself back into her beloved Fundraising Director role after 12 months' treatment for aggressive breast cancer, that Claire realised the focus & memory loss and heart condition side effects she'd been left with after her treatment, plus the life-changing experience of the illness itself, meant a 300% commitment, 50+hours a week Fundraising Director role was no longer an option.

On looking into what others do in this situation, Claire discovered the field of workplace wellbeing, the work of Prof Cary Cooper, the Gallup Organisation and Simon Sinek, and hasn't looked back since.

In 2018, Claire created her own piece research into the wellbeing of fundraisers and when it concluded in 2019, over 700 fundraisers had taken part.  The results of the research were used to devise and inform the work Claire does with organisations and individuals in the charity sector today.

In 2020 Claire won the Best Digital Leader Award at the Social CEOs for the free online programmes she provided for charity sector colleagues through the pandemic, which thus far, have had over 1000 participants.

Today, Claire works on organisational culture and wellbeing projects with charities and offers coaching and mentoring programmes to sector professionals