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Crispin Manners

Crispin Manners


Crispin’s passion lies in helping people to realise their potential and organisations to create inspiring workplaces. He founded Onva to help organisations achieve their goals by providing the leadership required to create a happy and productive workplace. As a result, he works closely with senior and team leaders to hone their leadership and communication skills and to give them the tools to be more effective and successful. His approach embraces proven neuroscience and behavioural profiling so that people can understand how to create a positive impact on those around them. As a result, he is welcomed as an adviser, mentor and coach for senior leaders. He has over 30 years running both public and private businesses and leading Boards of membership organisations. He has embodied all the benefits of this experience in Onva’s people engagement methodologies. Crispin is also Chairman, and one of the founders, of Inspiring Workplaces (IW). IW’s purpose is to change the world by improving the world of work. As a result of this role, Crispin is at the heart of the latest thinking and best practice on employee engagement. He has embedded Engagement Multiplier as the primary feedback mechanism for organisations that want to be purpose-driven. He has also been a Trustee at the UK’s first Hospice – St Joseph’s in Hackney – where he was also chairman of the financial and operations committee.


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