Based in Madrid, Daryl has 36 years working with over 240 non-profits in 62 countries. Known for his leadership & innovation he pioneered digital fundraising and is a co-creator of what is known as face to face fundraising during the 1990s when leading Greenpeace International fundraising worldwide. Daryl Upsall International provides strategic consulting support to the world’s leading UN agencies and INPOs and its search division has successfully recruited 654 positions for 218 different organisations in 127 different locations worldwide. At Cambridge University, he specialised in politics, developing countries and feminist studies whilst being a student political leader. He started working for the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign in the early 1980s followed by working as Head of Campaigns, Communications and Fundraising at the development NGO War on Want during which the first major campaigns on ending the Third World Debt were launched. In 1990 he launched the first professional fundraising for HIV/AIDS in Europe and has had a successful career in lobbying and advocacy for development NGOs, women’s’ rights, advocacy organizations, and liberation movements. He has worked with Presidents such as Nelson Mandela (South Africa), Lula da Silva (Brazil), Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua), José María Figueres (Costa Rica) en and numerous other world leaders and international celebrities. He is the founder and co-owner of Spain's leading telephone fundraising agency, The Fundraising Company SL and the face to face fundraising agency International Fundraising SL raising funds in Spain and Mexico. In Spain alone, these agencies have raised over 1 .75 billion Euro for NGO clients over the last 16 years. He co-owns the digital fundraising agency dgtl fundraising SL operating with leading NPOs in Spain, Italy and Mexico. He is the founder/owner of the non profit recruitment website Daryl has spoken at fundraising conferences in over 32 countries and writes regularly for the leading non-profit sector journals. He is a Fellow of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Fundraising, former Chair of EUConsult, and former Vice-Chair, Center for Fundraising Innovation at the Association of Fundraising Professionals responsible for education & professional development.