Based in Madrid, Daryl has 40 years working with over 240 non-profits in 80 countries. Known for his leadership and innovation; for pioneering digital fundraising and as a co-creator of face to face fundraising during the 1990s when leading Greenpeace International fundraising.

Daryl is President of Daryl Upsall International a global consulting and recruitment agency serving the non-profit sector worldwide since 2001. He is co-owner of Spain's leading telephone fundraising agency, The Fundraising Company SL; the face to face fundraising agency in several countries International Fundraising SL and the integrated social/media digital fundraising agency dgtl fundraising SL in Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Daryl has spoken at conferences in 34 countries and writes for the leading non-profit journals. He is a Fellow of the UK Chartered Institute of Fundraising and former Vice-Chair, the Association of Fundraising Professionals.